Waggle This Way

One day while sitting for a rest on a hike, I saw a few bees visiting some flowers and wondered, how does this work, can many bees visit the same flower? How do they get along with other insects to find what they need? I tried to imagine the world from a bee's perspective and soon realised how little I knew about bees and other insects. I set out to learn more. A few years later and this has turned into a picture book project. My first book is "Waggle This Way", inspired by observation, science and imagination.

Bee is a honeybee determined to help her hive.
When she finds a garden full of flowers she gets her chance.
Honeybees share the way to flowers by doing a waggle dance.
But there is a problem with Bee's dance.
How can she show the way?

This picture book was written, illustrated in watercolour and published by Sarah Alden, with the support of family and friends.
It is available through booksellers to be printed on demand by Lightning Source LLC. It is a 36 page glossy hardcover book (21 x 1 x 28.5 cm) recommended for ages 3-7+.
ISBN 978-3-00-069178-2

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