More about bees

In "Waggle This Way", Bee comes from a beehive in a tree, where the temperature inside is regulated by the bees. Did you know that a honeybee born at a lower than ideal brood nest temperature will likely have less exact communication skills and a weaker memory than her sister born at a higher, more ideal temperature?

Following a waggle dance teaches other honeybee foragers the way to a worthwhile food source. What other dances do honeybees perform? The round dance is for food sources nearby and the tremble dance communicates that a food source is finished.

Learning facts such as these sparked ideas for the story of Bee.

To find out more about honeybees, as a start I recommend "The Buzz About Bees: Biology of a Superorganism" by J├╝rgen Tautz, photographs by Helga R. Heilmann. As someone from outside the scientific community I find this book informative and engaging.

Honeybees are just one species of bee and type of pollianting insect. My current focus is on wild bees such as bumblebees and solitary bees, their importance as pollinators and their unique characteristics.

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